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Head of Finance

New Cairo - East Area

Role Summary:

Our Head of Finance, manages all of the company’s financial activities and provides valuable information and guidance to company operations. This role develops strategies that deal with financial challenges, standardizes the control processes in the business, puts complex data — current, past and predicted financial results — in perspective to help the CEO make sound financial decisions.


What you will be doing:

1. Efficient Financial Infrastructure
Improving all financial policies and standardizing all processes that contribute to the financial health of the company. This starts with tracking and recording every single transaction associated with the company, up to trialing cutting-edge automation technologies.

Implementing tech for finance through a significant investment in both capital and human resources to have a sophisticated technology that can help with both reporting and forecasting, including dashboards with built-in business intelligence.

2. Liquidity & Cash Management
Maintaining a healthy cash flow by monitoring the incoming revenues and accounts receivables, while keeping an eye on outgoing payments and short- and long-term liability. This requires accuracy in forecasting, minimizing waste/unnecessary spend, improving credit and collections process, and negotiating payment arrangements with key vendors.

3. Forecasting, Planning, Modeling and Risk Management
Developing accurate financial scenarios by guiding thorough analysis of the potential impacts of a variety of economic conditions on the company’s revenues, and plans for both positive and negative outcomes.

4. Providing Strategic Guidance
Crafting a financial strategy that could potentially drive the growth of the company. This entails a consideration to company strategy, availability of data, competitive conditions, unit economics of the business, cost drivers, market environment and advising on the right pricing strategy and even product mix.

5. Fundraising
Contributing to raising long-term funding for the business by being involved in preparing and pitching financial projections to potential investors and be prepared to defend the forecasts and any assumptions.

6. Capital allocation
Making decisions in accordance with the CEO on where the company's funds should be deployed. This requires an understanding of how the business works, its value proposition to clients, and its market/competitive landscape.

7. Tax and Compliance
Ensuring that statutory compliances are in order for the company by submitting all government paperwork accurately and in a timely manner.

What we're looking for:

BA or Higher in Finance, Accounting or any related field

3+ years of experience in Finance

Technical Know-How

Financial Savvy

Strategic Reasoning

Proficient English

Growth Mindset and Analytical Thinking

Strong Presentation, and Communication Skills

General Business and Team Management Knowledge

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